Helpful advice to GOP from Dem consultant: nominate Jeb Bush

If you believe Democrat consultant and attack dog Robert Shrum has the best interests of the GOP at heart, then you might want to take seriously his advice to the GOP:

Does anyone really believe Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Chris Christie can contend against Hillary Clinton? At least Jeb, the establishment’s establishmentarian, would put up a fight.

In an article in The Daily Beast, Shrum manages to sneer at the every GOP hopeful he reviews, btu concludes that even though Jeb may not “have the stomach” for a fight, he is the least bad option among the prospects.

Interestingly, Shrum’s dismissal of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a simple note that he has a “tough” re-election fight ahead, ignoring the fact that in his recall election, Walker increased his margin of victory, and that Walker has produced a budget surplus in place of the deficit he inherited, and that he has proposed a tax cut for the Badger State.

Perhaps even more significantly, he completely ignores Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who just might be the candidate who could unite conservative and centrist factions of the GOP. A former radio talk show host, Pence can think on his feet and communicates well, and has an excellent record of fiscal conservatism and good government in the Hoosier State.