Has Nancy Pelosi stepped in it again?

Well, this is interesting (via Weasel Zippers):

“I have to note that today we have replaced all of the jobs lost under the Bush economic policies and recession that that took us into,” Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill. “It’s taken this long to build back from that.”

This is interesting.  She may have done some real damage. President Obama still has a little less than 3 years and now she’s saying he now owns the rest of his term. 

There are still millions of people unemployed, and Obamacare’s delays will eventually kick in, making things worse. And Lord knows what other executive orders and EPA and other agency regs will hurt business and job creation.  There’s no way we’ll have a strong economy with him running the government

And now Bush is off the hook.

Hat tip: Lauri Regan

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