Carney's Red Art

Now that we know that Presidential spokesman Jay Carney and his wife, ABC correspondent Claire Shipman decorate their house with Soviet art, it is time to take a look at exactly which messages the DC power couple choose to surround themselves and their children with.

First, take a look at the photograph provided by the Washingtonian Magazine, and annotated by The Week:

Now, let’s focus on the poster on the right.

It is one of the most famous Soviet posters, done by prominent propaganda artist Dmitry S. Moore. The caption reads, “Have you enlisted?” or “Did you join?” It is a recruitment poster for the Red Army.

Isn’t that interesting? These two purveyors of information (or is it more accurately described as propaganda?) surround their family with exhortations to join the communist cause. The poster on the left is also giving this same message:

The caption there, according to Breitbart, reads: Women! Learn production, replace workers who went to the front! The stronger the hinterland - the stronger the front!"  

Husband and wife, united in the cause. How inspiring for the kids.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol

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