California Dem legislator says Asians not 'people of color'

Rep. Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) is on the record telling the Sacramento Bee that Asian-Americans are not “people of color” – the magical status that allows one to claim the spoils of victimhood.  Bemoaning the end of affirmative action when he was applying to law school, he told the Bee: “When Luis Alejo applied to college at the University of California, Berkeley, admissions counselors could consider his race; when he applied to law school, it had become invisible. “It was only after a string of rejections led him to beg for a face-to-face interview with an admissions officer, Alejo said, that he won a spot at the University of California, Davis, law school, launching a career that in 2010 elevated him to the state Assembly. “The year Alejo was preparing for law school, voters altered his prospects by passing Proposition 209, California’s ban on race-inclusive admissions policies. Alejo and others unsuccessfully fought the...(Read Full Post)