Biden, the buffoon

Yesterday there was comment around the Web regarding Joe Biden’s boorish buffoonery behind a president in desperate need of gravitas. Yet there he was, the man next in line to succeed our shamefully naked emperor, holder of the supposedly most powerful office in the world, and what does this clown crown-prince show America, and more importantly, the rest of the world? Ask yourself, were you an intelligence analyst assigned by your nation to observe, evaluate and predict the behaviors of national leaders with whom your own leaders might have to negotiate, what would you take away from the American Vice-President’s clownish behavior on a podium where his boss is struggling to appear as a strong, confident, effective leader?

Should ill fortune befall our naked emperor, (God-forbid: that would be the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi rolled into one and times twenty for the next ten decades) the playing field tilts farther away from America as an even more accomplished incompetent succeeds his bungling boss. You simply have to know that governments around the world are gloating with the realization that at least half of the nation they so despise for its past geo-political dominance seems blindly willing to empower such imperfect men to represent them in such a very perilous world.

Trust me, those larger and lesser political carnivores around the world are smiling at the prospect of the next three years in which they either deal with the resident and proved fool or even more desirably, that grinning, finger-cocked buffoon he selected to succeed him. With Biden they are back to dealing with a white fool and are no longer required to maintain the façade of respect they had to show America’s first black president, a big politically correct plus for them. You do not have to be a student of world affairs to grasp a basic truth of human dynamics:

Those nations with strong leaders control their own destinies; those governed by inexperienced, incompetent fools are forfeit to the savages who will gleefully consume them.