Be careful what you wish may get a president that you don't respect!

According to most polls, the country is happy that we got out of Iraq, phased out our presence in Afghanistan, stayed out of Syria & Ukraine.  However, the country is getting what they wanted but no one is happy with it, as Fred Hiatt wrote a few days ago: "Robert Kagan recently wrote on this page that, foreign policy decision by foreign policy decision, President Obama has given Americans what they say they want. But the result hasn’t made them proud of America or of their president.    The same phenomenon may explain the disappointment in Obama’s domestic record.   Case by case overseas, Kagan suggested, Americans agree with Obama’s calls: pull out of Iraq, wind down in Afghanistan, steer clear of Syria. But the emerging picture of an America in retreat, and a leader half-heartedly committed to promoting liberty, is not what they were looking for.   At home, the fateful moment came in...(Read Full Post)