A Sober Thought for the End of an Age

Fortunately, for those of the true Conservative attitude, politics is only partially what we are about.  If I were to hang my star on America exclusively, I should be the most miserable wretch on earth.  We are flesh and spirit; and the spirit longs for the eternal.  As conservatives, we shall do what is necessary to reclaim what we believe is just in political life; but all politics and nations sooner or later must pass away. Temporal Politics, of itself, could never be enough to satisfy the human heart; and if I am about anything in my rhetoric, I am attuned to a hope that all Christians must aspire to -- the domain eternal. The Beautiful City of Longing will, at the end of days, make America but a dim memory -- even the best which she once had to offer.

As the ancients believed, the true enduring political system is monarchy -- where a Great King rules and loves those who are His children, as they in turn love Him and live freely in virtue and obedience consistent with His wisdom. But as we are mortally wounded by sin, the best we can hope for in this world is an aspiration to be truthful and enlightened men of honor who will restrain ourselves morally and our government politically -- as befits the cause of free moral beings.

But alas, even this idyllic respite is temporary at best, since all flesh is doomed to flower and fade.  America, though we love her, is fated to fall because disconnected from her Creator, she cannot keep her liberty; and she cannot keep her liberty because she has lost sight of the true object that gifts her freedom. Abstract freedom, as a sterile end in itself, always leads to decay and dissolution; and any exercise in grounding Mankind’s purpose in Humanist altruism is doomed, since the road to Utopia eventually passes through the charnel house of tyranny.

If, however, America once again returns to the foundation that made her good and not remain as a flailing child screaming and spinning out in willful dissolution, she may yet push back the cancer of the collective which exists for unworthy slaves incapable of ruling themselves.  If she cannot, she will pass into the night as all republics that were birthed in moderation and virtue, but concluded in servitude and tragedy.  Whatever shall befall us, know that God’s redeemed walk as strangers in a strange land...This, ironically, is the substance of the Christian hope. 

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca. He can be contacted at arete5000@dslextreme.com and followed at www.stubbornthings.org  and Twitter.

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