A new low on the Temple Mount

According to Israel National News, "Several dozen hareidi Jews, including children, ascended the Temple Mount Wednesday. In the course of the tour of the Mount, Muslims began hurling objects at the hareidim, spat at them, hurled shoes and sticks and pulled the sidelocks of one of the children."

As shocking as the video of Muslims yelling and spitting at Jewish children on the Temple Mount, and throwing objects at them is, it is not surprising.  It is part of the pattern the Israeli government has enabled. 

Muslims don’t want any Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.  Hence, Muslims either threaten to riot or they actually do riot in protest of Jews on the Mount.  Guess what happens when Muslims riot?  They get exactly what they want – Jews, not Muslims, are barred from the Temple Mount. 

The Israeli government has enabled this pattern to not only continue, but to escalate.  Even to the point of Muslim youth piling and storing rocks in the mosque on the Temple Mount to throw at Jews and at the Israeli police.  While my friend Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem gave esteemed Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, and his family, from the United States a tour of the Temple Mount recently, rocks were thrown at them and their police escort by an angry Arab mob.

So while Arabs can scream curses and obscenities at Jews, if a Jew even moves his lips while on the Mount, he is removed, or worse arrested in violation of praying on the Mount.  Absurdity at its best.


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