A first world problem for the Israel hater

Oh dear, oh dear shall you laugh or cry at the latest self inflicted first world hi tech dilemma of the anti Israel, anti Jewish haters?  It seems that Israeli/Jewish pervasiveness is everywhere, even in disaster alerts, making boycotting an Israeli product impossible as Ilan Gattegno of Israel Hayom (Israel Today) reports. 

Millions of Chileans were alerted to an approaching tsunami this week by mass notification technology developed by an Israeli company, eVigilo.


According to eVigilo's website, the company's systems allows for a "geotargeted multi-channel alert and notification system reaching millions of people within seconds." The company uses SMART technology, which stands for Scalable Messaging Application in Real-Time.

The Israel Defense Forces Homefront Command has used eVigilo to communicate with citizens during large-scale civil defense exercises and emergencies. During rocket attacks, Gaza-area communities are often instructed to seek shelter using eVigilo's system, which can send warnings through the radio, television and cellular devices. It can also activate sirens and mobile applications in specific areas.

So will the haters, many of whom are clustered in such disaster prone areas as California and even Iran, opt out of using this life saving technology because of its origins?  They might be forced to as there is no alternative because, as the company website explains,

eVigilo is a prominent developer of the only (bold added) fully integrated, multi-technology mass alert platform, capable of reaching millions of people in just seconds, to enhance safety and security and save lives in emergency situations.

Developed in close collaboration with top experts in the field of Homeland Security, the company’s flagship MobileAlert platform is the most effective & efficient turn-key solution for mass alert systems utilized by governments, security and rescue forces, educational institutions, energy companies, industry and public utilities and others.

Always eager to help, here is my solution to the haters who devoutly boycott, divest and sanction anything and everything having to do with Israel: just  ignore disaster warnings in the future and take your chances.  Oh...if you should perchance be injured in the disaster, but survive, and are rushed to the hospital make sure the medical personnel  don't use any medical devices, technology or meds developed in Israel.  Hospitals are full of them.