'Abortion is a gift from God'

So blares a poster on exhibit at the taxpayer-funded University of Michigan. So far, I have been able to find no protests from the ACLU or other groups that decry religious expression at venues that belong to governmental authorities.  The poster is the work of Heather Ault, and is part of a campaign called “4000 years of choice.”

Ms. Ault sounds like real charmer and came to her views through a bitter experience:

"I voted, but politics was really not part of my life until I graduated and moved to San Francisco in 1997. San Francisco is a place that pulls you into local politics and I found that I loved this type of engagement.” (snip)

A failed romance caused Ault to leave the Bay Area in 2000 and, after a few months of post-breakup backpacking, she moved to Humboldt County, five hours north of San Francisco. "Everyone in Humboldt is involved in politics in one way or other," she says. She soon became active in a group called Democracy Unlimited and also enrolled in an Intro to Women's Studies class at the university. 

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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