You Bought His Ticket; He Took You for a Ride

Perhaps there is some true justice in the revelation today that Barack Obama, apologist to the world for American greatness, has just given a huge part of that scientific and engineering eminence to a world body that has no legal claim to all that which has come from America’s technological genius. Yes, Silicon Valley, it’s true, your messiah is telling you, “You didn’t build that.” How does it feel to have your legs cut from beneath you by this global leveler who has no regard for the huge amount of endeavor and intellect that has gone into this world-changing technology you have created? More or less, he’s telling you that you and all your brilliant accomplishments are no more than co-equal with every other being on this earth, for example, Barack Obama’s destitute, impoverished brother living in the slums of Nairobi. Yes, in Obama World, that man is your equal in every way. Learn to live with it, dude. With a scratching of his pen, and...(Read Full Post)