Yet another hate crime hoax

Add another instance to the long list of hate crime hoaxes, this time to the currently popular category of “transgender” faux-victims. Kurtis Alexander and Henry K. Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle report:

A 15-year-old transgender teen admitted to police Tuesday that he made up a story about being sexually assaulted a day earlier in the boys bathroom at Hercules Middle High School, authorities said.

The boy acknowledged making the false report - which raised alarm at the school and around the Bay Area - after investigators told him that the evidence gathered in the case didn't corroborate his story, said Hercules police Detective Connie Van Putten.

Police found no injuries to the boy's head, face or hands, Van Putten said.

It’s a made-up hate crime against a girl pretending to be a boy (i.e., a made-up male).

California has completely embraced the fiction that a person with a Y chromosome can be a female, and a person lacking the Y chromosome can be a male. This contradicts science, but has been codified into law and journalistic practice. Nothing good can come from this. The pretend-male was using the boys bathroom as she (I use her chromosomal nature to pick the pronoun, unlike the Chronicle) was legally entitled to do under California law.

Unwilling to simply enjoy the transgressive nature of her act, she embellished it with phony victim status, fabricating hate-based violence where none existed. This is evidence of a deep mental disturbance, something that should be obvious, but will be ignored by authorities.

I must be a tall male trapped in a short male’s body. Does that give me the right to list my height as 6 feet five inches tall on my driver’s license? Does it entitle me to reconstructive surgery to add to my height? Perhaps some shin extenders?

When will the madness end?

Make no mistake: people pretending to be the other sex do not deserve to be attacked. But they do not deserve to be accommodated in their delusions, either.

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