Will Brazil's leaders remember what happened in Mexico during the 1968 Olympics?

    Back in 1968, Mexico hosted the Olympics and then The World Cup in 1970.  It was a moment of tremendous pride for Mexico.  It was an effort to introduce a modern Mexico to the world.  To their credit, the Mexican government built new modern facilities for the tourists.    They promoted modernity and the incredible native heritage of our southern neighbor. For the most part, it was a great success with the amazing Pele leading Brazil to a Cup victory.  The 1968 Olympics were even bigger, although some Americans may recall that a couple of US runners raised their fists during the National Anthem.  It was also the games that introduced 19 year old George Foreman to the boxing world. In a few weeks, Brazil will host the World Cup and then the Olympics in 2016. Let's hope that Brazil's leaders study something that happened in Mexico a few weeks before the Olympics, also known as the...(Read Full Post)