Wendy Davis has a 'problema con el aborto' in South Texas

This is really the most amazing fact to come out of our Texas primary.  It did not get a lot of attention on election night. 

It is really starting to get notice thanks to Michael Barone:

"Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis handily won the Democratic primary for governor last week, but her support of late-term abortions cost her the Hispanic vote, Michael Barone says.

The senior political analyst at the Washington Examiner said in his column that even though Davis won by 79 percent to 21 percent over Reynaldo "Ray" Madrigal, a virtual unknown who spent little or no money, she lost 26 of Texas' 254 counties, mostly heavily  Hispanic areas in the Rio Grande Valley.

By comparison, 17 of those counties voted for President Barack Obama in 2012, he noted.

"These numbers point to the conclusion that Davis' stand on the abortion issue, wildly popular among the Democrats' feminist left, is significantly unpopular among many Texas Hispanic voters — most of them probably Catholic, but including a significant number of evangelical and Pentecostal Protestants," Barone wrote.

"National Democratic strategists may hope that Davis can build a Texas majority on a feminist-black-Hispanic base. But that Hispanic base looks shaky. What enthuses one part of a party's constituency can antagonize another part."

Unfortunately, we were so busy with all of the "Tea Party" stories that everybody was looking at other results.  

My guess is that the Davis campaign must be having a hard time with it. How do you continue to be the candidate of Planned Parenthood and get Hispanic women in South Texas to vote for you?

To be fair, this is not a plain abortion debate. Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster was about abortion at 20 weeks, a far more controversial position than your typical pro-choice stance.

Ms. Davis needs to pitch a perfect game to defeat Mr. Abbott.  So far, she is given up 2 runs in the first inning and the bases are still loaded!

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