We should call the "Castro-Chavez" axis in Latin America the new 'evil empire'

We remember this weekend as one of President Reagan's finest hours from 1983

"Speaking to a convention of the National Association of Evangelicals in Florida on this day in 1983, President Ronald Reagan publicly refers to the Soviet Union as an evil empire for the second time in his career."


President Reagan, known as "The great communicator," understood two things rather well:

1) Presidents have the biggest microphone in the world.  They should use it to project conviction and especially what the US stands for; and,

2) People behind the Iron Curtain were listening more and more in the early 1980s because of Voice of America broadcasts.  He understood that the people in the Soviet bloc would cheer and appreciate that somebody in the West cared about them.

As we know, the old Soviet Union went out of business in 1992.  However, there is still evil in this world. 

In fact, there is one big evil partnership not far from our shores.  It is the Castro-Chavez partnership that wrecked Cuba, is destroying Venezuela and causing headaches in other Latin American countries.

It's time for the president of the US to stand for freedom and march with the people of Venezuela.   What exactly are we gaining by staying neutral in this fight?  Who are we protecting?  The corrupt anti-US regime?  The regime killing people?

Stand for the rule of the law and condemn what we are seeing in Venezuela, Cuba and others.  

As for Castro's Cuba, shut down negotiations, or any conversations, until there are free elections in the island.

It may not be the nuclear USSR but it is just as evil.  Just ask the people of those nations.  

What a great opportunity for President Obama to put the US flag on the side of people and against corrupt anti-US regimes.


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