Warren Buffet disses global warming extreme weather fear-mongering

In the wake of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s outburst telling global warming skeptics to sell their shares in his company, Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet has publicly stated that warmists’ predictions of an increase in catastrophic weather have not come true. Sean Long of CNS News reports:

Buffett told CNBC March 3, that extreme weather events haven't increased due to climate change, saying that weather events are consistent with how they were 30-50 years ago. Buffett, who is heavily invested in various insurance markets, said that climate change alarmism has simply made hurricane insurance more profitable, driving up premiums without increasing risk.

I wonder if Berkshire Hathaway holds any Apple shares, and if so, are they selling?

A commenter at Instapundit notes:

“Hey Tim, Apple’s massive profits are provided by Chinese factories that are run on the dirtiest power on earth – soft Chinese coal. If you want to be green, move those factories back to the USA and use much cleaner US power.”

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