Treading on others' health care is just fine

The distinctive, bright yellow flag with a coiled snake warning "Don't Tread On Me," designed by South Carolina Colonel Christopher Gadsden and first given to the Commander in Chief of the fledgling colonial navy in December, 1775 to display on his ship intercepting British supply ships, has been corrupted by President Barack Obama (D) and his acolytes.  

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D), one of the wealthiest members of Congress and the First Grandmother Ever to Serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives, must be so proud of her daughter who selfishly tweeted  the following distortion of America's heritage, courtesy of Obama front Organizing for America.


Apparently it is just fine with her that Obamacare treads on the millions have lost their health care while others have endured skyrocketing health care as long as her Obamacare, her health care is fine.  After all she can easily tap into her parents' millions if she ever needs an out of network doctor or hospital.   And certainly Mmommy will guarantee that if changing Obamacare 29 times to see what is in it doesn't help darling daughter's health care they can change it again and again until the younger Pelosi's treading health is pleasing in her sight.