This guy actually writes for a major, serious publication

I have to say that in 15 years of reading blogs and commentary on the internet, this rant by Charles Pierce of Esquire is easily the most unbalanced, exaggerated, hysterical rant I've ever come across.

One might expect a freshman in high school to write a screed like this. Certainly not someone who makes a living writing for a publication with some eminence like Esquire.

It came about because Bill Kristol made a comment that suggested America was not responding strongly enough to Putin's military aggression in Crimea. It should be noted that Kristol did not suggest, did not hint, that we should go to war and has said previously that sending troops to Ukraine was not a good idea.

But reality apparently doesn't matter to this hateful, ridiculous man:

Blow me, you monstrous, bloodthirsty fraud, you silly, stupid chickenhawk motherfker who plays army man with the children of people who are so much better than you are, and who would feed innocent civilians in lands you will never visit into your own personal meatgrinder to service your semi-annual martial erection. You and the rest of your cowardly cohort helped prepare the ground for the worst geopolitical mistake the country has made in 30 years. You fought the battle of the Green Rooms and the think tanks while other people's sons and daughters died for your fantasy of how the world would work if you really were the pimply, adolescent Zeus you see when you look in the mirror every morning. The country does not need you lectures any more. The country does not need your counsel. The country does not need your advice. And, as sure as human beings have become dead because of your lectures, and counsel, and advice, human beings about whom you otherwise care nothing, the country does not need your hectoring that it has become insufficiently bellicose to fulfill your newest, blood-drenched fantasies. Even here, even now, you hide behind the skirts of a woman from Indiana who, while I believe her to be wrong, seems to be genuine in her beliefs. You are unworthy of her intellectual camouflage. You should be driven from polite society, consigned to an ideological Molokai so you can no longer  infect the rest of us. People should shun you. You should wear the bell for the rest of your miserable days.

I don't read Pierce very often - there are better writers and obviously better thinkers out there if you want to get the liberal point of view. So it may be that he has excoriated President Obama in similar fashion for firing missiles into Afghan wedding parties and such. Or ordering the dropping of bombs on Libyan civilians. Or giving weapons to Syrian jihadists who cut off the heads of children. The president accomplished this "martial erection" all without benefit of congressional authorization for going to war.

Being the fair minded, adult commentator that he is, I'm sure we can find similar rants against a liberal Democratic president who has conducted a drone war in 4 countries (Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen) that has killed 2,400 people - up to 900 of them civilians in Pakistan alone. Does this make Obama a "pimply, adolescent Zeus" too?

I would suggest that Mr. Pierce have someone change his diaper. Soiling yourself by engaging in such massively out of control butchery of the English language no doubt makes him uncomfortable - besides smelling real bad.


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