The Future of the Internet

The blogosphere has erupted over the announced plans of the Obama administration to turn control of internet over to the United Nations.  Why they would do this at this time is not particularly clear, or at least their justification for it is typically obscure.

Eliminating ICANN as the regulator of domains in favor of an organization controlled in large part by Islamic regimes and dictators has many of our internet brethren seriously concerned, but one must ask oneself “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Here is an example of how the future internet (or should we begin referring to it as “Obamanet?”) might appear, if it is allowed to appear at all.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Since the country began to experience the ██████ tilt of Congress and the Obama administration, there have been innumerable articles, editorials, academic dissertations and verbal altercations between members of the left and right over whether Obama and company should be defined as ██████, ██████, ██████, or my personal favorite, simply ██████.

In point of fact, the actual label is immaterial.  Defining █████, █████, █████, █████, █████, or ███████ (as it is understood at this time in history) as different from each other is roughly equivalent to describing the definitions of fat, obese, portly, “big boned,” husky, and plump as being essentially different from one another. 

There is little, if any, difference between █████, █████, █████, █████, █████, █████, █████, █████, █████, and the current crop of ███████ in either House of Congress, or the White House.  The commonality among all these supposedly differentiable groups is that they all base their various political philosophies on an underlying assumption that they are, in fact, superior to ordinary citizens.  They believe, and act upon, the idea that they alone are capable of ruling.  Not gover……

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