The Difference between God and Obama

One of the oldest jokes lawyers tell begins, “What’s the difference between God and a federal judge?” The answer, of course, is, “God doesn’t think of himself as a federal judge.” So that is what I expected when reading Oleg Atbashian’s latest post at The People’s Cube, titled “The Difference between God and Obama.” But because is Oleg is a former agit-prop artist from the former Soviet Union, perhaps he was not familiar with American barrister humor. Instead, I found a piece of art and a list that made me giggle.

Here are a few of the differences that Oleg came up with:

  • God didn't have a "Previous Administration" to blame;
  • On the seventh day God rested; Obama rested for the other six;
  • God commanded not to covet thy neighbor's property; Obama commands to covet and redistribute it, too;
  • God told Mary she was blessed with a child; Obama said she was punished with a child;
  • God banished Lucifer; Obama's mentor dedicated a book to him.