Sunday in Caracas: 'Cubans go home'

The word from Caracas is that the public is furious with the government crackdown and Cuban influence. 
A legislator has called on citizens to march today and tell the Cubans to go home.  (See the picture from our Babalu friends)
The irritation with Cuban influence has exploded.  There are elite Cuban troops in Cuba and agents in government agencies.   
The relationship between Cuba and Venezuela goes back to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.  It started out as ideological love but it is now subsidizing Cuba with cheap oil and letting Havana run the day to day affairs of Venezuela.   Most people are furious with the "oil subsidy" and ask why?
So yes we support those Venezuelans marching today and tell "Cubans to go home."  We love Cubans but not the ones who've invaded Venezuela and infiltrated the government.
Stand with our friends in Caracas:  "Raul Castro take your Cubans back to Cuba"
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