Sebelius claims she can't rule out more ObamaCare delays

If Harry Reid seems to be preparing an insanity defense, Kathleen Sebelius may be preparing to claim incompetence. How else to understand her remarkable statement that ObamaCare is too “complicated” for her to know whether or not there will be any more delays. Michael Patrick Leahy reports for Breitbart:

Asked by Breitbart News at a press conference here whether there are any parts of the health care law that will “absolutely” not be delayed in the future, Sebelius said "I don't have any idea how to answer that question."

"This is a complicated law," Sebelius added. "It's in place right now and we anticipate full implementation."

Sebelius was at a family clinic operated by United Neighborhood Health Services in Madison to encourage people to enroll.

Face it: ObamaCare is a disaster, not just for the political party that rammed it through with no GOP votes, but for the American people. Instead of carefully considering problems that could develop, a sweeping transformation of one sixth of the national economy was forced on a nation in order to take advantage of a temporary filibuster-proof majority, using legislative flim-flammery once the death of Ted Kennedy removed that opposition-crushing political leverage.

Now Sebelius – and the American people – are left to pick up the pieces.

The naked lust for power of the Democratic Party has already had awful consequences for Americans. The Dems will face their own consequences in November.