Progs start to realize the disaster ahead, but still are in denial

The progressive dream, of a benevolent state led by the best and the brightest caring for a grateful population unable to fend for itself, is dying a painful death. And it is starting to dawn on some of the smarter Democrats -- people like David Plouffe -- that they face an electoral Armageddon in November. In an interview with Al Hunt broadcast aired last night on Bloomberg TV, former Obama adviser Plouffe: …called the Democratic loss in Florida’s special congressional race “a screaming siren,” warning that the party needs to do more to motivate supporters in November’s nationwide elections. But Plouffe cannot admit that Obamacare is the driver of public alienation: “We have a turnout issue,” Plouffe said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. “This is a screaming siren that the same problems that afflicted us” in 2010 when...(Read Full Post)