President Obama should listen to FDR's fireside chats

We remember today another anniversary of President Roosevelt's first fireside chat:

"On this day in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt holds the first of his radio-broadcast fireside chats. FDR used the informal radio addresses to explain his policies to the American public."

President Roosevelt's first chat was to explain his decision to close the banks, an extremely sensitive topic in the middle of The Great Depression.  It happened about a week after he became president.

During his presidency, FDR communicated often with US voters.  At one point, he had voters buy maps so that they could follow him when he was talking about the strategic importance of this or that region to the war effort.  This is from a 1942 chat:

"That is the reason why I have asked you to take out and spread before you a map of the whole earth, and to follow with me the references which I shall make to the world-encircling battle lines of this war. Many questions will, I fear, remain unanswered tonight; but I know you will realize that I cannot cover everything in any one short report to the people."

What if President Obama had used his communication skills to talk to the public?

For example, he could have done several chats on ObamaCare.  He could have explained Afghanistan and Syria.

FDR chose the "leaders talks to his voters" approach to governing.  Obama has chosen the "campaign speech" approach.  He surrounds himself with friendly crowds in completely staged appearances.

Guess who Americans think of as a strong leader?


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