Palin Predicts President's Putz-Poor Policy

What with Russian forces seizing all major control points in the Crimean Peninsula today, numerous sources are pointing to the prediction of Sarah Palin back in the 2008 campaign that just such a scenario was possible under a weak president like Barack Obama. Here’s the way she called it:

“After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next,”

Vice-presidential candidate Palin was at the time, in 2008, mocked and ridiculed for her political naiveté by gloating gurus of geopolitics for daring to advance the idea that a clueless Commander in Chief might not measure up to such a challenge. But here we are, six years down the road of all our lives, and just who is being proved to be savvier in world affairs, that confident, Moose-Shooting Mama from Alaska or America’s embarrassingly naked emperor who once grandly proclaimed he would command the seas? Not to take away from Sarah’s geopolitical awareness but anyone with any attentiveness to what goes on around this globe could have seen this coming just as Palin did; but, sadly and tragically, not the affirmative action product who now inhabits that so all important oval office whose grand educational process apparently left him ignorant of this:

Due to its northern latitudes, Russia has always been cursed with a lack of warm water ports that are naval operational year-round. The much more agreeable climate of the Crimean Peninsula at Russia’s southern extreme is what led to Lord Potemkin’s creation of the Black Sea Fleet in 1783, based in Sevastopol. Over the past centuries, Russia has made the Black Sea their backyard lake with a mighty naval presence that extends through the Bosporus into the Mediterranean. Additionally, the air arm of the Russian Navy has made the Crimean Peninsula a major base of operations. That fleet with its air resources has been a strategic player in much of the political events transpiring in the Med and beyond for decades.

So it should come as no surprise that Russia would not look favorably on losing the long term investment in infrastructure they have in the Crimea to a Ukranian government eagerly seeking political and economic alignment with the European Union. I hate to admit it but the Obama Administration is somewhat correct when it characterizes the Russian military takeover of strategic control points in the Crimea as an uncontested arrival. The reason for that is that the Crimea has always been a part of Ukraine that cleaved closely to the Russian mother country more so than the provinces to the north.

But please, help me here; the next time you hear some liberal twit diss Sarah Palin as too inexperienced to operate on the national stage, point out that she had the superior world view back in 2008 to foresee a foreign policy problem of which the unaware, intellectual lightweight now in our White House had no glimmer. Let’s face the truth here, folks: Vladimir Putin has the political strength and courage to decisively do what is right for his country at a critical moment in world history, while our metrosexual misfit dithers in indecision. Perhaps Osama Bin Laden had a more correct world view than we supposed when he compared his movement’s struggle to one between the strong horse and the weak horse.

What would you wager that done-dead Bin Laden would place his bet on the strong horse, Putin, and dismiss this lame and limping, politically-fueled,  polished pony, Obama, who was too intellectually morally and spindly-legged  to have been in this all important world race to start with?

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