Our Asian allies must be thrilled that we are cutting and the Chinese are expanding their military spending

The bad news about the Ukraine adventure is that the Russians are putting their empire bacl together.  The good news is that most Americans may be realizing that this is not the best time to cut military spending.

We learned this week that China is spending more on its military, according to a recent article at Christian Science Monitor:

"China made headlines today with its annual military budget, up 12.2 percent to $132 billion dollars this year. That's about one quarter of the $495 billion military budget that President Obama presented to Congress yesterday." 

To be fair, the Chinese military is still inferior to the US, especially given our nuclear capability.  No one is suggesting that.

Yet, the article mentions this:

"Still, China has launched its first aircraft carrier, tested two models of stealth fighter planes, and recently deployed an anti-ship ballistic missile that some analysts see as a potential threat to US vessels in the Pacific. Governments in the region and beyond have expressed concern over how Beijing is allocating its extra military funding. "

The Chinese immediately reported that they are a peace loving with no evil intentions.   

Maybe that's true.  Maybe the Chinese just want to have the world largest Navy so that they can do social work when there is a tsunami or earthquake somewhere in the globe.

After all, you can't expect the US to be the only country sending medical ships and carriers to help people in  need.

On the other hand, history shows that military ships and large armies usually have some military purpose.  After all, why put a bunch of guns on a ship if you are just going to carry bottled water to people stricken by a tragedy?   Why give AK-47s to soldiers if they are just going to direct traffic in those large cities of China?

The truth is that the Chinese are looking at the world and seeing the sole superpower retreating and confused.  At the same time, our allies like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan must be wondering when those Chinese armies will be a threat to them.  


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