ObamaCare: Does President Obama understand that he is making things worse?

Is anybody on ObamaCare these days?  We've had so many delays that the law may never be fully implemented.

So is this the repeal of Obama Care? 

The White House, or Democrats, will never call it that but this is not the law that was signed in March 2010.

I agree with Mark Cunningham that the Obama team is making things worse:

"It turns out the Obama team has delayed the individual mandate to buy health insurance — though the announcement was quiet and roundabout, to minimize the embarrassment.   

What we’re left with is a US health-care system whose engine has been partly disassembled — and a mechanic who doesn’t know how to make his plan for rebuilding it actually work, even as he insists we’re already better off."

This is a mess.   

ObamaCare will not work in parts.  You have to implement the entire law or it just won't fly. 

This is what happens when you write a "comprehensive law".  It's either all or nothing. This is why I've always opposed these laws that try to fix every problem under the sun. They don't work.

For example, how does an employer know what to do?  Does ObamaCare apply to him or not?  Can the IRS collect penalties after this latest delay?

Again, I get the impression that the Obama team wants to avoid the political consequences and push back much of the law until after 2014 or even 2016.

Unfortunately, all of these delays are making things worse because the law was designed with an individual mandate.  It won't work without it.

Don't blame me!  I voted for McCain and Romney!


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