Nothing to see here, move along

Ho-hum, a mob of 200 teenagers rampages through the downtown of an American city, assaulting and hospitalizing people and robbing stores. The mayor calls for calm.

And nobody outside that local media market, where it cannot be ignored, hears a thing about it.

Now why would that be? Could it possibly be because surveillance video from a convenience store that was robbed shows all the miscreants were black?

The Right Scoop brings us news of the insurrection which gripped Louisville over the weekend:

Riots broke out in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday night, according to WDRB News, when 200 teens began robbing and assaulting people, including a 13-year-old girl and a man trying to help her. A woman  who was parked in her car with two children in the back seat said she was also assaulted by a group of teens. She told police they repeatedly punched her and threw trash cans at her car.

You can watch two reports from WDRB here and decide for yourself whether it is a good idea for the national media to suppress stories of insurrection.

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