Majority Leader Reid's remarks confirm that Democrats are getting very desperate

Senator Reid earned a "pants on fire" when he said that Romney had not paid his taxes.  It was an outrageous statement made on the US Senate floor by the Majority Leader. 

A couple of days ago, Senator Reid topped that one from 2012 by saying that all of these complaints about Obama Care are "lies" financed by the Koch Brothers. 

One of the people who complained about Obama Care was liberal Kristen Powers. Another one was an MSNBC host.   Were these two lying about their cancellation or premium increases?

Senator Reid must have read the latest Hotline assessment about the political landscape:  

"The 2014 Senate landscape continues to look challenging for Democrats. Republicans can take back the chamber after eight years of Democratic control with a net gain of six seats, and the seven seats most likely to flip are held by Democrats in states President Obama lost in 2012.  

The most important change since we looked at the Senate map three months ago is the glut of outside spending, particularly against Democratic incumbents in the majority-making seats of North Carolina, Louisiana, and Alaska. The nonprofit, conservative group Americans for Prosperity has dumped tens of millions into those states, beating up incumbents who now have--at best--50/50 chances of retaining their seats. 

Republicans are well positioned to win a Senate majority in 2014. A favorable map, combined with a positive national environment driven by disapproval of the health care law, have put Democrats on the defensive."

The Democrats will not go down without a fight.   We will see "the race card," "the war on women," "class warfare," and now the "war on voters" who had the audacity to complain about Obama Care.

It is despicable.  At the same time, it is a sign that Senator Reid and the Democrats anticipate a very rough election night. 

They probably just read the latest Zogby poll about declining support for ObamaCare.


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