Let's pretend in La-La Land vital records

The California state legislature looks likely to pass a bill allowing people with y chromosomes to be listed as female on death certificates, and people with two x chromosomes to be listed as male on their death certificates. All of this is being done in the name of dignity, respect, sensitivity and compassion, but it amounts to endorsing lies. The Transgender Law Center, which is co-sponsoring the bill, along with Speaker-elect Toni Atkins and another group called Equality California, writes:

The Respect After Death Act (AB 1577), authored by Assembly Speaker-elect Toni Atkins and sponsored by Transgender Law Center and Equality California, passed the Assembly Health Committee today by a provisional vote of 17-1. The bill is designed to help ensure transgender people have their authentic gender identity reflected on their death certificates.

The Respect After Death Act will mean that death certificates reflect the authentic lived gender of the deceased, with various forms of proof accepted under the law, including written confirmation of the deceased's wishes, updated birth certificates and driver's licenses, or medical records of gender transition.

The use of the word “authentic” is very troubling, because it places imagination above science, and involves falsifying vital records. There is no need to identify the political part involved in this legislation, as Democrats run everything in the California State Legislature. Remember the claim that Dems are the "party of science"?

I have compassion for people who would rather be a different gender. They suffer a psychological malady, and do deserve our compassion. I am personally willing to humor them, so oong as their delusions do not harm others or impair their life functions. But falsifying vital records is a serious step toward chaos, where the state can declare as fact the delusions of individuals. When governmental bodies lose an anchor to reality (and it is chromosomes alone that determine sex) and declare unscientific notions to be facts in official actions, we are all in danger.