Is George Orwell Working in the White House?

You have to wonder sometimes if one of the multitude of “special advisors” to Barack Obama has a George Orwell fetish.  All of us have read hundreds of blog articles and thousands of comments made in passing by co-workers, family, friends and the occasional total stranger that allude to the Obama administration and it’s resemblance to George Orwell’s seminal work, 1984.

There have even been references to Orwell’s 1984 in columns published in the normally slavishly supportive main stream media, which are always easy to identify since the White House normally describes them as “hit pieces.”

Orwellian descriptions of totalitarianism and control of the media via the Ministry of Truth are rampant in the book, but they are becoming more and more obvious in the actual workings of the Obama administration and throughout the Democrat Party. 

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s denial that he ever said that citizen complaints about Obamacare were merely lies and Obama’s assertion that he never drew a “red line.”  Or Kathleen Sebelius’s claim that she never said that the sign-up goal for Obamacare was seven million people are perfect examples of how the Democrats are brazenly following the apparent policy of Orwell’s “Party” in 1984 to reverse reality from what it actually was to what they want it to be. 

Apparently not content with trying to have life imitate art in the form of 1984, Obama’s minions are now pushing further change under the guise of what they are calling “income inequality.”  In common parlance this might also be referred to as income redistribution.  In a turn of phrase that even those whose only education has been provided by the unionized teachers in the public school system of the United States, it might also be described as the Robin Hood Maneuver – Rob the Rich and Give (at least some of it) to the Poor.

Now this is not to imply that George Orwell wrote Robin Hood, but he did write Animal Farm.  And as most people know, the single most striking line from that book is “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” 

Apparently Barack Obama has volunteered his services to separate those of us who are equal from those who are more equal.  What a guy, eh?

The only thing wrong with this system is that no matter how carefully the Ministry of Truth, er, rather the main stream media, try to paint this, it cannot work.  In the short run, those who are forced to surrender any and all wealth that they have accumulated through talent, effort, frugality or education will revolt if they are classed as simply being “equal.”  If Obama classifies them as “more equal” they’ll acquiesce to the new order.  On the other hand, those who are classified as merely “equal” are not going to accept that situation that they are not going to be the recipients of the wealth that they see still in the hands of the “more equal” there will be revolt from another direction.

In the long term, the nation itself will die.  When there is no reward for talent, effort, frugality or education, and achieving wealth will only result in confiscation of that wealth, innovation will wilt like a plant starved of water and nutrients.  No innovation means no economic growth.  No economic growth means that everyone will ultimately be classified as merely “equal.” 

Our President either refuses or is unable to recognize the reality that there really are some things that just will not work, even with his Ministry of Truth carrying enough water for him to fill Lake Michigan. This is attested to by the staggering number of delays, waivers and unconstitutional modifications unilaterally imposed by Obama on the utterly unworkable Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

There is an old adage in business that goes:

“Give a person good service, they will tell two or three of their friends.  Give them poor service, and they will make sure to tell ten people.” 

The Obamacare debacle has provided at least the five to six million unhappy customers who lost their existing coverage when insurers were forced to cancel non-Obamacare compliant policies.  That means that those, call it 5½ million disgruntled policy holders will express their opinion of the PPACA to at least 55 MILLION of their fellow citizens.  Not one outlet of the Ministry of Truth has that kind circulation or viewership. 

As more and more people hear these stories from their friends and acquaintances, the number of Obama supporters will begin to dwindle.  There are only so many lies that can be told before they overwhelm anyone’s “willing suspension of disbelief.”

However, the odds are (based on the past five years of watching the Obama White House function) that the President and his cadre will simply ignore the impending disasters associated with Obamacare. They will ignore any dangers associated with his schemes to correct income inequality.  They will defend with unflagging zeal the Common Core uniformity he wishes to force on the American educational establishment and the students who will become semi-literate high school graduates.

After all, Obama apparently aspires to be the 21st century embodiment of “Big Brother”.  What could possibly go wrong? 

Jim Yardley is a retired financial controller, a two-tour Vietnam veteran and writes frequently about political idiocy, business and economic idiocy and American cultural idiocy.  Jim also blogs at, and can be contacted directly at