Hilarious: Only one person slow claps after Obama speaks in Netherlands

The magic is gone, and the adoring crowds in Berlin 2008 must seem only a distant memory. While spring has arrived for everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere, Barack Obama is entering his winter. As his presidency implodes in a cloud of Obamacare incompetence and foreign policy blunders, even the Europeans who once adored him have caught on to what an empty suit Barack Obama is.

CBS DC reports:

he Hague, Netherlands (WNEW) – At the conclusion of a joint news conferencehttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png in the Netherlands with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, President Obama gestured and thanked the crowd as only a single person in the audience responded with a slow, awkward clap. Video below:



CBS continues:

Obama is seen nodding at Prime Minister Rutte again, seeking confirmation that the conference has ended he says, “okay.”

Despite only the rustling sounds of people standing to exit, a single person can be heard slowly – but steadily – patting out a few claps to conclude the event.

“Thank you very much everybody, thank you again,” says the president, as he walks off stage with Prime Minister Rutte.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen, that was the last question. Thank you very much for coming,” an off-screen moderator can be heard saying.

The look on Obama’s face as he waved to the crowd already turning their backs on him and walking away tells the story:

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