Feminism's internal contradiction exposed in Britain

The head of a British organization that executes one quarter of all abortions in England and Wales has addressed the question that American feminists avoid at all costs. Alice Philipson of the UK Telegraph reports:

Ann Furedi, of BPAS, said the law does not prevent women from choosing a termination on the grounds of gender and she even compared it to abortion after rape.

BPAS stands for British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a name that resembles that of Planned Parenthood in its squeamishness at actually naming the “service” of abortion that stands at its ideological heart.

The problem for feminists, particularly in the UK, is that Muslims and Indians both prefer male children, and abort female in utero babies  in far larger numbers than male progeny. This is a literal war on women. Yet for the feminists, this awkward slaughter must remain behind the curtain of affirmative advocacy of the right to kill a baby before it is born. And in fact, in making her argument, Ms. Furedi studiously avoids mention of the reason sex selection even comes up as a factor in abortion:

Writing for online magazine Spiked, she said: "A doctor agreeing to an abortion on grounds of rape would be breaking the law no more and no less than a doctor who agrees an abortion on grounds of sex selection," she said.

"While it is true that the sex of the foetus is not a legal ground for abortion, nor is rape, or incest, or being 13 years old. Nor is being homeless, or abandoned, or just feeling there's no way you can bring a child into the world... yet they are all reasons why a doctor may believe a women has met the legal grounds of abortion."

She added: "The woman gives her reasons, the doctor decides on the grounds as set out in the law ... there is no legal requirement to deny a woman an abortion if she has a sex preference, providing that the legal grounds are still met.

"The law is silent on the matter of gender selection, just as it is silent on rape.

in declaring that sex selection is a legitimate reason to kill a  baby, she has ripped an ugly scab off a murderous approach to females that is just peachy as far as the radical feminists are concerned.

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