Fauxcahontas sending her Indian heritage down the memory hole?

Senator Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcahontas -- the woman who gained Ivy League tenure by claiming to be of Native American heritage on highly questionable (i.e., phony) grounds – apparently has decided that it is no longer advantageous to claim to be a Cherokee Indian. At least that is the conclusion to be drawn from the advance materials being distributed for her new book, A Fighting Chance. Warren matters because she is the current darling of the American left, regarded as presidential timber, and standing by in case Hillary Clinton decides not to run for the Democratic nomination in 2016. Howie Carr is Warren’s nemesis, a gifted satirist who writes a column for the Boston Herald and regales listeners in New England with three hours of highly amusing talk radio daily. In his Herald column today, Howie has an almost indecent amount of fun at Warren’s expense: Whatever happened to Granny Warren’s Native American heritage? She’s written a new...(Read Full Post)