DHS using bogus deportation numbers to inflate Obama enforcement claims

The Department of Homeland Security has admitted to inflating the numbers of illegals they claim to deport by including those caught at the border, before they have a chance to enter the country. About half of all reported deportations are the result of arrests made at the border, says the agency.

The Obama administration has boasted of sending back 2 million illegals during his presidency - a number now known to be bogus.

Washington Times:

“Under the Obama administration, more than half of those removals that were attributed to ICE are actually a result of Border Patrol arrests that wouldn’t have been counted in prior administrations,” said Rep. John Culberson, Texas Republican.

“Correct,” Mr. Johnson confirmed.

That would mean that in a one-to-one comparison with the final years of the Bush administration, deportations of those same people under Mr. Obama had actually fallen, according to immigration analysts who have studied the data.

In 2013, ICE was responsible for about 133,000 of the 368,000 immigrants removed. The Washington Times calculated that meant a less than 1 percent risk of an illegal immigrant living in the interior of the U.S. being deported.

Mr. Johnson said they are prioritizing those they think deserve deportation. In the past, illegal immigrants from Mexico who had just illegally crossed the border would often times be returned, only to try again almost immediately. Now, many of them are put into full deportation proceedings.

“We are enforcing the law. We are enforcing the law vigorously and effectively, which results in the removal of over 300,000 people a year over the last several years,” Mr. Johnson said. “We are using the resources Congress gave us to remove those we believe are threats to national security, public safety and border security. And they result in the numbers that you see.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle Tuesday pleaded with Mr. Johnson for more information on the status of immigration enforcement, saying it is tougher to pass a comprehensive immigration-reform bill.

I would say it's darn near impossible to pass an immigration bill when the administration charged with enforcing the laws admits to lying about the very numbers that will trigger various parts of the bill, including a path to citizenship. When Republicans say they don't trust the administration to be forthcoming about border security, this sort of misinformation seals the deal.

Immigration reform is dead for this year anyway. But this admission by DHS may kill reform in future years as well.

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