Can the White House please get its story straight on the CIA spying on Congress?

How can we reconcile two media reports on the White House role in the dispute between Senator Dianne Feinstein and the CIA?

Article A.

Obama: White House won't wade into CIA torture report dispute at this point | World news |

In the president’s first remarks about the dispute since Dianne Feinstein, the chairwoman of the Senate intelligence accused the CIA of a cover-up and intimidation directed at her staff, Obama said it was not a matter for the White House to “wade into at this point”.

Article B.

White House tried to mediate dispute between Senate panel, CIA | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House tried to mediate between the CIA and the Senate panel that oversees it after both sides alleged they were spied on by the other over a Bush-era interrogation program, a source familiar with the discussion told Reuters.

The involvement of the White House's most senior lawyer indicates President Barack Obama's interest in ending the increasingly bitter dispute between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler has attempted to "de-escalate" the tension, the source said. The fight burst into the open on Monday when the committee chair Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said the CIA had possibly broken the law by spying on Congress.

Either one of these reports is wrong or we have some pathological liars in the White House.

Your call.

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