Call to Black Americans

It’s time for all black Americans -- regardless of their political views -- to condemn members of the press and Democrat Party for spinning every confrontation, crime or disagreement that a white person has with a black person, into an accusation of racism. First of all, it diminishes real instances of racism—this is harmful to society, in general, but the victims, in particular. Cry wolf too many times…and people start to ignore you.  Pad up fake racism…and resources that should be devoted to eradicate truly pernicious cases of racism are often diverted to the propped up ones, allowing serious crimes to be overlooked or minimized.

Secondly, it takes the focus away from the underlying issues.  And here we have an explanation for Jesse Jackson’s tweet below turning Congressman Darrell Issa’s confrontation with Congressman Elijah Cummings (at the conclusion of the Lois Lerner Fifth Amendment Invocation Hearing on March 6, 2014) into the false narrative of a racist-driven imbroglio—diverting attention away from the frightening fact that the IRS has become a “weapon of mass destruction” being used against the citizens of this country and that someone, somewhere is supposed to be fighting for the victims of this administration’s power trip: 

No, Rev. Jackson.  I don’t.  And I pray that members of the black community will someday see through your crud and understand that not everything must be viewed through racist-tinged glasses.



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