California's serious assimilation problem

Over the years, I've attended many Cuban celebrations in the US. I always saw the US and Cuban flags together, or respect for our heritage and the nation that opened its doors to us after the communist takeover.
Like most of you, I was shocked by the "flag" incident in a California high school and the decision to keep US flag shirts out of "5 de Mayo".
First of all, what happened to these kids?  Why are kids born in the US happier to be waving the flag of Mexico? Don't these kids understand that the US gave their parents an opportunity to have a better life?
Second, who is teaching these kids to see the US flag as the white guy's flag?  This is shocking and an insult to every Hispanic serving in the US military, like our youngest son in the US Army.
Third, this incident confirms that we have an assimilation problem in California. I don't think that it's a coincidence that this happened in California. It speaks volumes about what is happening in what we used to call The Golden State!  It's more like "Crazy-fornia" these days.
Fourth, who are these administrators?  They are a bunch of "PC cowards" in my book. 
Why didn't they tell the kids to behave and respect the flag of the US?  
They should have borrowed a page from my Catholic school and had the kids write a 100 times on the black board: 
"The US is an exceptional country and that flag stands for freedom.  Move to Mexico if you disagree"!
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