Buying a Presidency with a Bag of Beans and Glass of Milk

Literally, a bag of beans for a family and one glass of milk for a child were all it took to buy the low-information-voter vote in El Salvador and consecutively elect for a second time a leftist candidate from the  Communist Party Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional, or FMLN.

The Bag of Beans and Glass of Milk were part of a Government welfare/Social program maintained by the ruling Communist Party over their past 5 years in power.

In just 5 years, Communism turned a Nation that once fought for freedom - - in opposition to Communism - - into a Statist Governance that exchanged its freedom and liberty for a bag of beans and a glass of milk.

The vote-count of the run-off elections, finalized this morning, was the Progressive FMLN with 50.1% and the Conservative party of Free-Market principles, Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (ARENA), with 49.9%.  Communism won by less than 7,000 votes.

The less-than 7,000 voters represented a mere .2% of the total vote, or two tenths of one percent of low-information-voters that elected to Presidency a former rebel commander of the Communist guerrilla-fighter movement - -  an entire Presidency bought for a Bag of Beans and a Glass of Milk.

How could a guerrilla from a Communist Party of Guerrilla Warfare, with a terrorist, murderous, violent, vandalizing past become President?

Answer: Gradualist Strategy

For the Communist FMLN Party to have any chance at taking over the country and Presidency, they needed someone to make the transition from Free Markets to Communism a smooth, unnoticeable transition that would seemingly be less intimidating to the Low-Information Salvadoran voter, opening the door to future, hardcore Communists to snatch the Presidency.  The person chosen to aide in making the transition easier was Mauricio Funes, a clean-cut, charismatic, educated journalist who was sympathetic to the FMLN rebels and had a vengeful heart after his leftist brother was killed in the political turmoil.  Funes was their FMLN's first President. 

And as of the morning of March 13, 2014, FMLN's second candidate, a Communist ex-guerrilla named Salvador Sánchez Cerén, begins his Progressive-leftist, Communist rule over the country - - for  one bag of beans and one glass of milk.

The country is literally divided in half by less than 7,000 low-information votes,  but when Communism has been driving Social-Justice driven policy and Income-Inequality motored legislation to fair, equally miserable conditions for five years, a bag of beans and a glass of milk rabidly, irresistibly tasty, while freedom is quietly and gradually redefined as a burden.

Are freedom and liberty worth a bag of beans and a glass of milk?

Is living to Communist slavery worth a bag of beans and a glass of milk? 

Millions upon millions have sacrificed their lives, dying and fighting for Freedom or murdered because of it. Were their lives worth no more than a bag of beans and a glass of milk?

Every Leftist, Progressive ideology past and present - - every single one. - - ultimately has led and will lead to the same end: one bag of beans and a glass of milk.

It is hype when it is happening to others.  It's just too late when it has happened to you.  

Venezuela doesn't even have toilet paper in the entire country or medicines for general illnesses and more serious conditions, like cancer or HIV and AIDS.

Is it possible for Venezuelans to trade a bag of beans and a glass of milk for medications to cure or control their medical conditions?

I wonder: how many days of Life can a Bag of Beans and a Glass of Milk buy?