Bill Clinton's idea of heaven

At a charity gala held in Los Angeles, Bill Clinton posed for a picture with two comely lasses, apparently basking in the celebrity aura given off by the ex-president.

As it turns out, the two women were legal prostitutes, employees of the world famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada, whose owner Dennis Hof, was allowed to bring two guests to the shindig.

The report said it’s unknown how the women got into the party. Sources close to the organizers say the women were not invited guests and were removed from the party after snapping the photo with Mr. Clinton. Sources close to the two women, however, say that’s not true.

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof told TMZ that his entire group successfully went through security and not one of them was kicked out of the party.

Thursday’s event, hosted by “Saturday Night Live” comedian Andy Samberg, honored actor Robert De Niro and director Martin Scorsese, among others.

Mr. Clinton was the recipient of the Unity Recognition Award.

Now I doubt whether Mr. Clinton has had to pay for it in 30 years. And I suppose I should point out we don't know if the former president was aware of the line of work the yioung women were in.

But I would note that the spin given out about the hookers being kicked out of the venue when they weren't sounds suspiciously like the Clinton machine at work. If Hillary is elected president in 2016, they are going to be very busy trying to squash bimbo eruptions from our randy ex-fornicator in chief.

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