Beating the Mohammed Meme

North American news outlets are unwittingly caving to Islam.  They have fallen into the trap of referring to Islam’s founder Mohammed as The Prophet Mohammed, implying that his “prophethood” is universally accepted.  These media outlets, like their European counterparts, are unknowingly extending the influence of Islam to their viewers, thereby doing the proselytistic work of Muslim propagandists who are relentlessly bullying their host society into sharia-compliance.  It is precisely this indifference and ignorance that Islam is counting on in order to help subjugate Western civilization to sharia law.

Casually repeating the phrase The Prophet Mohammed, instead of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, on television to millions upon millions of viewers, cements this phrase into their consciousness until eventually the phrase metamorphoses into a mantra or meme, a term coined by zoologist and atheist Richard Dawkins.  A meme is a catchy phrase that spreads quickly like a virus from person to person until the imitated phrase finally gets ingrained into the culture.  Grooming gangs, a polite term used by Western media when referring to Muslim rape gangs (the definitive report on this problem in Britain is available here) is another example of a meme.

People are accepting the meme of The Prophet Mohammed as a given, or as a basic fact, in much the same way that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.  Eventually, more and more people will come to falsely believe that Mohammed was one of the world’s most righteous prophets, when in reality he was a prophet specific only to Islam, a prophet who showed fanatical hatred for and intolerable discrimination against non-Muslims, women, gays and Western values.  He brutally forced other religions to accept his faith with the goal of replacing Western civilization with an Islamic one, all the while enslaving, massacring or taxing those who refused to submit.

Considered in Islam to be the perfect model for humanity, Mohammed the warlord must be emulated.  His followers are religiously obligated to copy his banditry practices and violent actions that are all divinely sanctioned in Islamic doctrine. This explains why brutal sharia-compliant acts, such as beheadings, stonings, hangings, limb amputations, child-bride marriages, and female genital mutilation continue to dominate the modern Muslim world.

These barbaric acts that show no regard for human life are rearing their ugly heads in the West as well.  Street-killings of non-Muslims, honor-killings, and raping and pimping of underage non-Muslim girls are occurring with regularity.  Even worse, acceptance of these atrocities is becoming the new social norm in the West, where they are rarely publicized.

The public will not be shown videos such as this one from Denmark of a march organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir, a religious Islamic organization that openly supports an Islamic caliphate ruled by sharia law.  Approximately five hundred Muslims marched in the streets of Copenhagen last week, shouting Jihad and accusing the West of mocking Islam’s best man Mohammed.

This mockery, an organization member claims, constitutes a smear campaign against Islam.  “It will not be tolerated,” he asserts, “we cannot remain passive to this.  The time has come for us to stand up, to fight for Islam, we must rise together to defend Mohammed.”  Not a peep from the Western world, only dead-end complacency and more concessions, such as the recent British ruling on sharia law to be enshrined in the British legal system.

Oddly enough, the news media does not give equal opportunity to other key religious figures.  Rarely is Jesus referred to as the Lord and Savior Jesus, the Pope as the Holy Father Pope, Moses as the Prophet Moses, Krishna as the Lord Krishna, or Buddha as the Gautama Buddha.  The news media rarely, if ever, assigns honorific titles to key religious figures other than Mohammed.

If the Western news media were to educate itself on Islam and familiarize itself with Mohammed's bloody and horrific legacy of 1,400 years of jihadist violence and expansionism, then those very same news sources might consider deleting the prophet in Mohammed.  The life and legacy of Mohammed prove that he is not to be considered a prophet in the West, but only a prophet in Islam -- a totalitarian ideology that poses the greatest threat to freedom, equality, and the human race.  Islam could never have advanced as it has today without Western indifference and ignorance.

It’s high time that Islam’s news lackeys stop crooning to the tune of The Prophet Mohammed and take the steps necessary to prevent an Islamic onslaught on Western culture and civilization.  Referring to Mohammed as Islam’s founder or prophet, rather than The Prophet, is a start.