Are we watching the 2014 version of 'Malaise'?

Can you remember the last time that you were so depressed about politics?  I mean the last time that the front pages were so bad?

What about the last time that you did not want to watch the evening news?

I have to go back to 1980, or the year of hostages in Iran, high gasoline prices, a general state of "malaise" in the country and watching the world just make President Carter look so bad.

Watergate was bad but no one around the world had a doubt that President Nixon was competent and in charge of our foreign policy.   

Iraq 2006 was very tough too but we knew that President Bush could take the heat.

Today's landscape reminds me of the Carter years because we just don't think that the guy in charge is up to the task!   The 39% Gallup is evidence of that! 

His problems are starting to scare Democrats, as a story in The NY Times points out!   They are really scared, especially if you are running in a competitive district.  In other words, any Democrat who won with less than 55% of the vote has a lot to worry about.

The 41% at the WSJ/NBC  poll means that more and more Democrats plan to spend September and October with everyone but President Obama.

It is depressing to read the news.  It's sad to see our president look so weak, and foolish, on the world stage.   Fair, or unfair, the world does not see President Obama as a strong leader.

Back home, the young have abandoned ObamaCare, according to Dana Milbank.  Hispanics are saying "adios" or "no gracias" and not signing up either.   Aren't these two of the 3 groups who made his election and reelection possible?

Things are so bad that the president of the US is telling people to dump cable TV and cell phones to purchase health insurance.  This is embarassing!

So forgive me if I look ahead to opening day when the Phillies play the Rangers.  It should be a great pitching duel.  Yu Darvish and Cliff Lee, who has not pitched here since game 5 of the 2010 World Series. 

We need something to take our minds off of these very depressing front page stories.

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