A Pence for your thoughts

I have long followed and been a supporter of Mike Pence, first as a Congressman, then a Governor. Time for a three-peat.

I have written about Mike Pence in the past (Mike Pence and The Winning Back of America; The Mike Pence I Know). He is the most “real” and principled politician I have ever met -- and I have met many after years of involvement in politics. He is the “real thing” and that is one reason why he has long been a Tea Party favorite.

We need him now more than ever before to repair the damage eight years of Obama has inflicted on America and the world. On Monday, Pence appeared on Fox and Friends. Here is a clip to remind us why we need him. Tellingly, he was inspired by Ronald Reagan to enter politics -- just as Reagan helped us overcome the Carter disaster so Pence can help us recover from the Obama hangover.