When You Can't Think, You Need to Think

Sometimes TV commercials can be downright inspirational (h/t DirectTV)...

When your climate change theory's on the fritz, you get tense.

When you get tense, you can't think.

When you can't think, you need to think.

When you need to think, you start to worry.

When you start to worry, you think your theory has to survive.

When you think your theory has to survive, you start thinking wild thoughts.

And, when you start thinking wild thoughts, you chase imaginary theories into something highly unlikely (like "Human carbon pollution is a weapon of mass destruction").

Don't chase imaginary theories into something highly unlikely.

Get rid of imaginary theories, and upgrade to direct observations… and what they say about the real world of climate change.


Anthony J. Sadar is a connoisseur of fine TV commercials and author of In Global Warming We Trust: A Heretic's Guide to Climate Science (Telescope Books, 2012).