Your at-a-glance guide to illegal Obamacare revisions

The adjective "historic" has been used to describe Obamacare from the moment it was proposed. Democrats and President Obama himself used the term admiringly, seeing in the 2000+ page bill an "unprecedented" (to use another favorite Obama term) commitment to take care of the health of all Americans. But with more people kicked off their existing health insurance plans than have received new coverage, Obamacare has been a gigantic flow and embarrassment. Even worse for the Democrats, it is an electoral liability going into the next midterm and presidential elections.

But Obamacare has been "historic" and "unprecedented" is another way: never before has a president unilaterally re-written a law passed by Congress and duly signed into law. The entire commitment to the rule of law, fundamental to our system of government, is being undermined.  And all of this is on-th-fly, in response to unanticipated problems shwoign up and causing political problems for the president and his party.

Because of the sheer complexity of Obamcare, it is difficult to get a handle on all these changes. But the RNC, to its credit, has produced an infographic that charts all of the 27 changes (so far)  imposed cuadillo-style by Barack Obama, contrary to the rule of law. Hat tip: Katie Pavlich, Townhall)

Hat tip: Lauri Regan


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