Will liberals remember Obama as the man who killed liberalism?

At this point, Obama voters can be broken down into groups:

1) The "cultists" or the people who blame everything on the GOP Congress and forget that we have a Democrat US Senate or that President Obama had huge majorities for a portion of his term;  and,

2) The "realists," or those who think that President Obama, and ObamaCare, have pushed liberalism back a generation.

My friend said this yesterday over coffee:  'What future Democrat is going to call for a major government solution after ObamaCare"?

My friend laments that President Obama did not go for a "single payer."  He also honestly recognizes that the Democrats had the majority but not the votes to pass it.

President Obama's biggest challenge is now convincing anybody that he can make ObamaCare work.  It is so messed up that implementation now seem likes a fantasy.

He lost Ron Fournier:

"Put me in the frustrated category. I want the ACA to work because I want health insurance provided to the millions without it, for both the moral and economic benefits. I want the ACA to work because, as Charles Lane wrote for The Washington Post, the link between work and insurance needs to be broken. I want the ACA to work because the GOP has not offered a serious alternative that can pass Congress.   

Unfortunately, the president and his team are making their good intentions almost indefensible."

He lost Kristen Powers:

"The headline is why I'm getting tired of defending Obamacare. And I'm going to say amen, brother, because it's exactly how I feel. People who have supported the law, who support universal health care, are constantly put in the position of having to defend this president, who has really incompetently put this together, rolled it out, and that's why he has to do this. It's why he has to keep doing this, because it's not working."

He is losing liberals because ObamaCare can not be made to work, as John Podhoretz wrote yesterday.  It will die on its own or maybe some Democrats will come to their senses and "mercy kill it" to stop it from suffocating to death.

It is "unimplementable" if there is such a word.  It just won't work no matter what company is hired to fix the computer glitches or how many times they delay it. 

Furthermore, all of these delays make things even more confusing for businesses and the professionals in the health care industry.

As my friend in Texas said yesterday:  "Maybe we bit off more than we could chew"

I don't know how representative of the liberal community my friend is.  Maybe he is an "outlier."  My guess is that there are a lot like him, or will soon be a lot like him, who will come to recognize that liberalism is the real casualty of this mess called ObamaCare.

Again, what future Democrat is going to propose a huge government solution to any of our problems?  That is the legacy of Obama Care.

Who would have believed that when we all went into massive depression the night that he was reelected?

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