Who's my siblings' 'keeper'?

John Hinderacker of Powerline blog clearly, and in a wonderfully politically incorrect post, blasts away the political correctness of President Barack Obama's (D) latest sexist, racist My Brother's Keeper initiative, exposing its real flaws in a way few other media people would.   

If you keep reading, however, you see that Obama doesn’t really mean “minority men,” or, as he also put it, “boys and young men of color.”


Chinese-Americans make more money, on the average, than white Americans, the “income gap” between Jews and Gentiles is wider than that between whites and blacks, and I believe Iranian-Americans have recently surpassed Jews as the highest income group of all. The issue here is not being a “minority.” On the contrary, if one sincerely wanted to help young African-Americans, an obvious starting point would be to ask why other Americans “of color” have done so much better.  

Oooooh, he dares point out other minorities also overcame--or just ignored--blatant discrimination and/or also learned English and have succeeded spectacularly.  Why? 

There is no mystery here. African-American men are disproportionately imprisoned because they commit an extraordinary number of crimes. They are disproportionately raised in poverty because their fathers usually don’t marry their mothers. Also, drugs. That is really all there is to it.

Obama’s theology is no better than his policy analysis. As many have noted, he himself has a brother–not a figurative “brother,” but an actual brother, the son of his father–living in poverty in Africa. But Obama, a wealthy man, has never done anything to help his own brother.


The moral of the story of Cain and Abel is not that people “should look out for each other,” but rather, that they should not commit murder.


But God’s problem with Cain was not that he failed to “keep” Abel, but rather, that he killed him. 

Agreeing with Reagan's oft stated contention that government is not the solution but government is the problem, Hinderacker concludes

The federal government is not, in my view, anyone’s “keeper.” But it has contributed to the devastation of African-Americans in many ways: by profligate welfare policies, which more than anything else have destroyed African-American families; by enforcing affirmative action, which has created the belief that advancement can be divorced from accomplishment; by suppressing school choice; by endlessly yammering about “discrimination,” long after any significant discrimination ceased to exist, which perhaps more than anything else has poisoned the ability of African-Americans to make the sort of progress that other groups, like Japanese-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Jews, Iranian-Americans and others have made.


Just as Cain should have simply left Abel alone, the federal government should stop worsening the condition of African-Americans through misguided policies.

Hooray!  Obamacare anyone?