West Virginia Democrats Exempt their Employees from Minimum Wage Hike

The Democrat-controlled West Virginia House voted last week to raise the state's minimum wage to $8.75 an hour. However, they conspicuously exempted many of their own staff from the increase. Not only that, but the increase also does not apply to seniors, the handicapped and state fire fighters along with several other categories of workers. This is a tacit admission that raising the minimum wage, while a benefit to those receiving the increase, also results in negative economic consequences which must be addressed by the employer. This usually comes in the form of layoffs, reduced hours or simply not hiring additional employees. The down side of the minimum wage increase is continually ignored or downplayed by liberals who constantly trumpet the idea of the free lunch. It, of course, not the first time politicians have exempted themselves from laws they self-righteously cram down the throats of the taxpayers. They have carved out several waivers for themselves and their staffs...(Read Full Post)