Wendy Davis now alienating her own base

Texas Democrats must be hoping that Wendy Davis will drop out of the governor's race before she causes even more damage to the party and to the cause of feminism. By embellishing her life story (which served as the "inspiring" basis for her campaign, since she has no real accomplishments in office to tout), she has made a mockery of the feminist ideal of the scrappy woman who makes it on her own and owes nothing to men. By filibustering against a late term abortion ban, she has become the poster child for more Kenneth Gosnell chambers of horror, a stand that brought her to national prominence and enabled her to raise $12 million for her challenge to presumptive GOP nominee Greg Abbott, a wheelchair-bound man whose handicap she mocked by saying he had "never walked a mile" in her shoes.

Conservatives and fair minded independents may have laughed at her, but at least her feminist true believer base was expected to stand with her. Heck, even if she lost the race, she could expect lucrative speaking fees out on the lecture circuit. Feminist icon is a line of work that can pay very well, and comparing Wendy with the competition like Sandra Fluke, she stood up pretty well.

Until, that is, she started pandering to the Texas voters.

William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection writes:

Davis always had the base, and maybe if she got lucky, if Republican turnout was low, and she seriously motivated Democrats, maybe, just maybe, she could click her pink sneakers together and eek out a win.

That once upon a time hope may have vanished with Davis' obvious pandering in bucking the Democrats and coming out in favor of an Open Carry law.

The Texas Tribune reports on the shock from Democrats, Davis Takes Friendly Fire on Gun Issue

The base is furious.

At the appropriately named left-wing blog Crooks and Liars, one Juanita Jean is so furious she's furious in the third person, Juanita Jean Is Mad As Hell At Wendy Davis:

There's very little talk among political junkies in Texas this morning about anything else except Wendy Davis' stunning and unexpected announcement that she favors open carry in Texas....

It's pandering plain and simple. I know that no candidate is going to agree with me about 100% of things. However, I do expect the candidates I support to be honest with both me and themselves. We have lost every statewide race in Texas since Elvis died because our political consultants say we have to pander to the right wing to win....

Let me tell you one thing. Given a choice between a Real Republican and a Democrat who talks like a Republican, Republicans will pick the Real Republican every damn time. And your base Democrats will stay at home. I have statistics to prove that.

Run Wendy, run! Don't let anyone talk you out of standing up for your principles, which we now can see include finding a sugar daddy and dumping him as soon as the school loans are paid off, earning an F from the NRA before switching sides, and advocating the termination of fully viable late term babies that haven't been born yet, a position at odds with 70 - 80 percent of the voting public.

You are the perfect representation of the feminist left, and I urge you to continue to seek office from now until doomsday.

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