Wendy Davis getting a lot of money from outside of Texas

The latest poll about the Texas' governor race has AG Abbott up by 11 over State Senator Wendy Davis, according to Politico:

"Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott leads Democrat Wendy Davis by 11 points, according to a new poll Monday. 

Forty-seven percent of voters said they back Abbott, while 36 percent would vote for Davis, aUniversity of Texas/Texas Tribune poll found. Seventeen percent of registered voters said they had no opinion.  

The new poll represents a widening gap between Abbott and Davis. In October, the survey found Abbott leading Davis by just 6 percent."

The lead is not a shock, specially given Senator Davis' problems and personal story "contradictions".

The other big story is that Senator Davis is getting a lot of money from outside of Texas, as reported by Wayne Slater of The Dallas Morning News:

"Underscoring the national dimension of the race, 27 percent of Davis’ total in the latest report came from outside Texas, compared with 2 percent of Abbott’s total."

This is why Senator Davis is trailing in the polls and very likely to lose in November.  She is popular but not in Texas.

Slater's aforementioned "money source" story confirms what I suspected last summer.  I said last July that Senator Davis's "abortion show" had a lot to do with piling up the kind of money that it would take to run against a well financed GOP candidate.   She knew that the money would have to come from the big "abortion backer" pockets outside of Texas. She got the money but still trails in the polls days before the primary.


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